Retro font

I've just finished the initial version of the font that'll go into my game ball breaker ("Ball Breaker Caps")... Some of the characters need more work, but it has the retro-future look I'm going for. This means that I can feel happy about putting in the high score table and scrolling messages and they'll have the look I'm going for.

Multitudes of addons and greasemonkey scripts

It seems I use more addons for firefox than I thought... to help speed up setup on other computers I've made a page with the current addons and greasemonkey scripts in use... The current list looks like this: Now if only there was a greasemonkey script or addon to install these automatically I'd be sorted 🙂

Ball Breaker!

I've recently started learning python in earnest, to this end I've been writing a bat and ball game. I'm quite suprised at how much you get for your LOC in python... so far it's about 1,000 LOC and has multiple powerups and bats, plus sound fx by ne7. Title screen of ball breaker, Graphics are made in inkscape and the GIMP - ingame screenshot after the cut.  (more…)

Hello interwebs!

Well I gave in and installed some blogging software... mostly I'll be posting development things I find out and need to remember, and information on ongoing projects. I might just post the odd weird animated gif here too, in fact theres one below the cut (more…)