Netcat in windows

Just had a nightmare finding a binary for windows that wasn’t cygwinized… eventually found it here


Jon Craton has mirrored this file in case the other link goes down

(Cheers :)

[update 2]

It seems that antivirus programs mark netcat as a threat when actually it is just a useful tool – see conversation and links in comments for details.

27 thoughts on “Netcat in windows

  1. Too bad these links no longer work. Only downloads 65,536 bytes and ZIP complains of missing signature and cannot open it.

  2. Thank you very much, I had a very hard time tracking down this little tool a week or so ago, I did end up finding it but then someone deleted it on me and I couldn’t remember where I got it from last time.
    Your just saved me a lot of time searching all over again :)

  3. Hey guys, it is me or all the archives you linked contain a virus-infected executable in it ? Kapersky, Norton and AVG all complain that it is infected by RemoteAdmin.Win32.NetCat

    I recompiled the source with MinGW and no more complain …

    Maybe a false positive, since I didn’t see any port in the listening state opened while running the command, but still I wonder if you can have a similar warning if you compile the source with VC.

  4. Thanks for the link dude! Its random awesome blogs that do things like this that make the internet a better place.


  5. Thank you, man! I have been looking for it for days, since Jon’s site appeared to be down. Cheers!

  6. Hi
    have also mirrored it on my “often down” site.
    Just to note, I couldnt get it in Win as AVG blocked it, but I used wget on my debian box:
    then I could get it to winbox on internal LAN (????), but Vista will not allow extraction to any folder….hmmmm…cheers Steve

  7. @steve Unfortunately some antivirus programs have it in their databases, as in theory it could be used for evil… this is stupid, next they’ll be marking notepad.

  8. @stu to be fair, the -e option can is far more dangerous than just about anything you can do with notepad

  9. Fair enough, but it’s still annoying for people who want to use it legitimately… I’m not sure all the antivirus programs even let you whitelist individual executables.

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