Virtual Machines in version control

I've been interested for a while in putting virtual machines into version control - I haven't tried it yet as I'd imagine most modern vcs would grind to a halt.    The idea is - keep your machine in something like git (I hear it's the most space efficient - svn would be a definate nono), and keep a copy on one of the large usb sticks that are now available. (more…)

Warn: There is another system

Saw "Colossus, The Forbin Project" last night; The U.S. gives an AI control of all it's nukes... what could possibly go wrong? Shortly after they turn it, on a message comes up "Warn:  There is another system", it turns out the Russians have done the same thing, and the system wants a link.  I won't give away any more of the film, which has some seriously cool looking 70s tech in it (and obligatory wooden panelling everywhere).  I did like the message in the "computer" writing of the time, so made an version in Inkscape, as it would probably make a cool T-Shirt.