Using Java2Python to port a JavaCairo tutorial

I recently came across Java2Python.  As I'm interested in Cairo I thought it would be interesting to try porting one of the example tutorials from ZetCode. I'll run through the steps involved in porting then try and reach some conclusions at the end :).

1. Get setup

This is easiest in Linux, I'm running Ubuntu (in vmware), and installed
antlr 2.x
sun java6
You can install them like this:
# sudo apt-get install antlr python2.5 sun-java6-bin libjava-gnome-java
Then install Python2Java with easy_install
# sudo easy_install-2.5 java2python
To test if it's working run j2py -i.  It should complain there is no file:
# j2py -i
Usage: j2py [options]

j2py: error: -i option requires an argument
If you get any other errors your missing some packages.

2. Get the Java Code from the Simple Example.

Save the '' example as '' If java-gnome is running ok, compiling and running it you should see a window:
# javac
# java GSimple
Now we'll run through the code, it's important to understand what it does before we port it... (more…)